Another Life: Blog Tour Reviews

I have recently completed a book blog tour and am delighted to receive so many positive reviews. Here is a selection of the comments…

‘Beautiful writing, scenery descriptions were stunning, Oliver was fantastically written with depth and understanding.’

‘A book that blends fact, fiction and mythology into a very neatly woven and extremely readable narrative that keeps you turning the pages.’ 

‘Compelling, intriguing and thought provoking’ 

‘It’s emotional and deep. It’s fictional but it asks questions that as the reader you can’t help but ask aloud of yourself.’

‘…a story that I will always come back to’

‘A writing style and voice which I find to be unique in this day and age and put me in mind of Mark Twain’ 

‘…beautifully written and so descriptive I could imagine myself in some of the places’ 

‘The descriptions were out of this world. I could see everything in my mind’s eye. The book played out like a film in my head.’

‘It contained such amazing descriptions and wonderful scenery’

‘It is packed full of detail and you can tell how much thought that Owen has put into this book! ‘

‘It beautifully flows through the past and the future and contains lots of mystery.’

‘What a thought-provoking story about life! …filled with myths and paranormal twists ‘