The Invisible College Trilogy

The Invisible College Trilogy Front Covers

Book 1: They Do Things Differently Here

Publication Date: August 2015

Paperback Edition – ISBN 978-1908135711

eBook Edition – ISBN 978-1908135728

Book 2: Dust and Shadows

Publication Date: 10th February 2016

Paperback Edition – ISBN 978-1908135148

eBook Edition – ISBN 978-1908135704

Book 3: A Perilous Journey

Publication Date: 3rd October 2016

Paperback Edition – ISBN 978-1908135667

eBook Edition – ISBN 978-1908135674

Another Life (Work in Progress)

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They can also be ordered from good independent booksellers, including Red Lion Books, Colchester.

The Invisible College Trilogy: The Story

When the Walden family moves to Templewood, teenagers Emily and Peter find that leaving the City for ‘a quieter life in the country’ is the least of their problems. Bubbling beneath the surface of their new home are challenges that could change their world forever, and end ours.

Templewood is an isolated community that is absent from maps and has no communications links with the outside world. The village is home to the Sect, a divided organisation planning an apocalyptic event intended to establish world domination, but which may destroy the planet.

The Sect has existed since ancient times, acquiring power and influence by infiltrating the major political movements of each age. Periodically, the Sect receives revelations of scientific knowledge that underpin its power base. Adherents now await the imminent discovery of the most significant advance to date which will provide them with the means to assert global domination by triggering a world-changing event, though there are divisions as to whether this will benefit or destroy civilisation.

Emily and Peter’s arrival is no accident; their mother and father may know more than they admit. The Sect has identified Peter as the chosen individual who holds the key to revealing the final piece of information necessary to trigger a world-changing event. One by one, mysteries are uncovered, until the terrifying objective of the Sect becomes clear.

There is little time in which to find who is responsible. How far will they go? Should they be stopped? Can they be stopped? If you were the only ones who could save the world, where would you begin? Who would you trust?

Background to Writing the Book

The original idea for the trilogy came from walking in the woods with my children and discovering treasure beneath the roots of trees felled by a storm. This led to the idea of the prediction of an impending global catastrophe and the resulting consequences.

The Invisible College has taken ten years to develop and complete. I spent much time on research of sources that give credibility to the story as an interpretation of historic legends, from the Ancient Mysteries, through the Book of Revelation and Norse Myths. During my research, I discovered books describing historical documents, myths and legends that appear to support the existence of the prophecy and justify the hypothesis.


Adult Fiction, Teenage Fiction, Literary Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Dystopia, Coming of Age.

USP and Target Market

The unique feature is the truly original world-changing event and conspiracy, relevant to a global audience. The book can be read as an adventure novel, with or without awareness of the literary and historical allusions. It will appeal to adults and young adults from 11 years.

Why the Book Will Appeal to Adults and Young Adults

A mystery story and an adventure, with major themes of conspiracy, a hidden community, ancient myths and mysteries, the quest for hidden knowledge and treasure, moral values and freedom of choice. The trilogy can be read simply as a conspiracy novel, or enjoyed for the hints of paranormal possibilities. The trilogy will make an excellent film adaption.

Overview of Volumes

Book 1. Discovery of the isolation of the village and the control exerted over its inhabitants.

Book 2. Revelation of the prophecy of a world-changing event, its nature and scale, and the connection to the family.

Book 3. The battle to save the planet and the human race.

The trilogy begins by emphasising the outward ordinariness of the village. The pace accelerates as the mystery is uncovered. The style moves from narrative towards dialogue, then action. Passages of formal and Gothic writing reflect the community’s isolation and a growing awareness that all is not normal.


An extract can be found here.