June 2014: Riffhams, Danbury, Essex

I am fortunate to live a few hundred metres from a footpath crossing the grounds of Riffhams, which offers one of the most attractive garden landscapes in Essex. Three times week it provides me with with the inspiration to keep going on my morning run.

The house was built in 1815; Humphrey Repton was called in to give advice on the layout of the grounds. More information can be found on the Parks & Gardens UK website: http://www.parksandgardens.org/places-and-people/site/2807

These photos were taken at 9.30am on 1st June 2014, when the rhododendrons were at their best.

Riffhams-2Although the light would have been better earlier, the direction of the sun was at its best. I wish there were a way of making the sheep stand in a more artistic distribution.