Conditions Are Different After Dark – Corn Dolly

In my new novel, Conditions Are Different After Dark, the main characters, James and Faith, are attracted to an antique corn dolly, or harvest trophy, offered by a shop owner in the village they have recently moved to. They purchase it as a decorative item for their new home. As time goes by, Faith imagines it acquiring sinister characteristics.

An important part of promoting a book is posting regularly on social media, and attending book fairs and signing events. I had a clear vision of what the corn dolly would look like and its role in the book. I decided to commission someone to weave a bespoke version.

I quickly found the Etsy page and Instagram account of Carol Partridge, a leading practitioner and promoter of the craft and a member of the Guild of Straw Craftsmen. I contacted her and discovered she was open to commissions. Within a few weeks, she produced this model from my brief. A few more detailed photos appear below. It is a valuable addition to my marketing collateral and attract attention at events and social media postings.

A portfolio of Carol’s work can be found on Instagram @thewheatweaver. Her Etsy shop is at