Dust and Shadows: BBC Essex Interview with Tony Fisher 4th July 2016

Tony Fisher Selfie 04072016
I thoroughly enjoyed my interview on BBC Essex’s Tony Fisher live today. This was a follow up to my February interview on the same programme, when we discussed book 1 of my trilogy, They Do Things Differently Here.

I was delighted to hear that he had read Dust and Shadows (book 2) all the way through. The interview flowed well as we were both well prepared and his questions and comments were both intelligent and relevant.

An amusing moment occurred when he quoted an extract from page 186 as being reminiscent of the Brexit campaign. The character’s words are as follows:

‘It serves no purpose to allow people to take their own decisions through what is known as the democratic process. All it achieves is to follow the will of the mass of population who are under- educated, ill-informed or who have an agenda of their own, whether it be to become rich at the expense of others, increase their personal power or simply to avoid difficult issues.’

The programme is available on iPlayer for 29 days from 4th July 2016. Timing: between 3:17:30 and 3:31:35 at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03y98bb

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