The Invisible College Trilogy: BBC Essex Interview 22nd January

BBC Interview
I was pleased to have been invited on to the Tony Fisher show to talk about my book, a copy of which I had delivered to him two weeks earlier at his request. I was impressed that he intended to read it himself; I had assumed that perhaps an intern may be assigned the task.

It was slightly unnerving, listening to the programme, alone, in the unoccupied reception area with only three minutes to go. I was shown in to meet Tony, who asked me a few quick questions before going on air.

I had prepared well and had listened to several of Tony’s interviews. During my session I was impressed with his sensible, relevant and intelligent questions. I was surprised and flattered when he likened my book to The Wicker Man, a comparison that had not occurred to me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, apart from my unexpected inability to say Agatha Christie’s name properly. Most of all, I was delighted to be invited back on to the programme when book 2 and book 3 are published. Book 2, Dust and Shadows, is now scheduled for publication 10th February. Book 3 will be published shortly after.

For anyone who missed the programme and would like to listen, here is the link. My section starts at about 3 hours and 14 minutes in.