The Invisible College Trilogy: Book 2 Rescheduled for February 2016

‘Dust and Shadows’, Book 2 in my Invisible College Trilogy, will now be published in February 2016. My publisher quite rightly decided that there was insufficient time to release it for the Christmas lists and has rescheduled publication for 10th February 2016. This will provide the advantage of a 2016 ISBN number and allow focussed publicity, including tie-ins with book signings and radio interviews.

A last-minute set of edits to Dust and Shadows was agreed in the days before Christmas and the final version of the book is now with the publisher.

To date, I have had agreement to four local book signings (dates to be confirmed), with the possibility of more. One local radio interview has taken place with BBC Essex on 22nd January (see separate post). Another has been provisionally arranged for February or March.

So far, two magazines have requested review copies.

Book 1 of the Trilogy, They Do Things Differently Here,  can be purchased from independent bookshops, Waterstones and Amazon