Vanuatu: Port Vila 24-Hour Market


In November 2015 I visited Vanuatu for the third time. I spent most days out with the camera. The air is beautifully clear and when the sun is out you can take good photographs most of the day, and not just within a couple of hours of sunrise and sunset.

I just cannot resist taking photos in the market. Every day there is something different to see. The produce is so fresh (and inexpensive, by European standards) and there are many fruits, nuts and vegetables that I found interestingly unrecognisable.

I felt a little self-conscious taking my camera and tripod into the market, but few people took any notice. The tripod was a great help in managing the contrast between the light inside and outside.


Whole families (well, the women) work at preparing and presenting their produce.


Quality and presentation are everything. It would seem that it is common to buy in bulk, as can be seen with these tomatoes, sweet potatoes, aubergines and carrots.


Heavier items are sold in bulk in these baskets, made from banana leaves.


And it’s not just edible produce. These flowers which, in northern Europe would be regarded as indoor, can be found growing in gardens through town, as well as in cut bunches in the market. Everywhere you look there is something colourful to see. I can’t wait to return!