The Invisible College Book 2, ‘Dust and Shadows’ to be Published December 2015

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My publisher has advised me that she is aiming to release ‘Dust and Shadows’, book 2 of my trilogy for young adults, ‘The Invisible College’, at the end of the first week of December 2015.

This is excellent news; I am looking forward to seeing both books 1 and 2 on bookshop shelves and counters before Christmas. The cover design for Dust and Shadows is based on the same template as ‘They Do Things Differently Here’. I am confident that the colourful, intriguing image will tempt even casual browsers with no awareness of the series to pick it up. I will post the final book 2 cover as soon as I receive it.

Readers of book 1 will be familiar with the the setting. Teenagers Emily and Peter have moved with their parents to Templewood, a hidden, self-contained community in a location that does not appear on maps. Templewood is home to the mysterious Sect, whose two factions, the Pros and the Cons, are engaged on a plan to initiate a world-changing event, as yet unidentified, that will fulfil an ancient prophecy documented in the incomplete Book of Mysteries: Temple Walden – A View of Its History, Origins and the World Order. Both the Pros and Cons hold their own annotated copies of Volumes I and II; both seek the missing Volume III, believed to contain vital, missing information.

The Cons favour a natural, evolutionary approach to change, whereas the Pros, the dominant group, are pursuing a radical strategy that could destroy the planet. It becomes increasingly clear that Peter has been identified by both groups as the conduit for information that will hold the key to unlocking and fulfilling the prophecy.

In book 2 the historic origins of the prophecy are uncovered, together with historical connections from many societies, ancient and modern, demonstrating the multifaceted influence of the Sect through time, culture and politics. Emily and Peter discover their arrival is no accident, as they work towards and finally reveal the terrifying scale of the Sect’s ambitions and plans.

Their parents’ relationship and possible connection with the Sect is ambiguous. Who then can they trust to assist in the struggle? There is no alternative: they must discover a way whereby they alone can defeat the plan and save the world. But how?

Book 2 is based upon genuine myths and legends that form the basis of the prophecy. Enthusiastic readers can research and verify these for themselves. They may even like to form their own plan to defeat the Sect. By all means please contact me below to let me know what you think they should do!

All of the series will be available in ebook and paperback format from Amazon and Waterstones.

To buy book 1 from Amazon UK on Kindle click here; the paperback version here.

Please keep checking this website for updates on the firm publication date for book 2 and for news of book 3, ‘A Perilous Journey’, which will follow shortly.