The Invisible College Trilogy: October 2015 Update

Business Cards

My business cards arrived this week. I am very pleased with them. They combine the striking image of the book cover with a list of the genres into which the trilogy falls and the main themes addressed, together with contact details for me and my publisher. The cards are already proving an effective way of spreading the word to personal and casual contacts who may otherwise forget the book title.

Publicity is being kept low-key at present, until the second book is published, which will be before Christmas. Indeed, the plan is to complete the release of all three by that date. I have already had feedback from a number of purchasers eager to buy Book 2. Another flurry of messages arrived after I changed my LinkedIn profile to ‘Author and Photographer’, which surprised many former colleagues and associates. It is so satisfying to be taking a leap forward on this journey.

I have produced and delivered a brief article for publication in a local magazine next month. I have arranged in principle two book signings for late November and will need to publicise those in the local press and, I hope, on local radio.

Editing of Book 2 is under way; I hope this will be complete by the end of this month. I can then look forward to receiving my copies and adding them to my bookshelf.