Book 1, ‘They Do Things Differently Here’ published August 2015

They Do Things Differently Here - Front Cover

They Do Things Differently Here – Front Cover

At last! They Do Things Differently Here, Book 1 of The Invisible College Trilogy, has been published. The Kindle version is available from Amazon UK here; the paperback version here.

This is a major event in my life, of which I am very proud. It is the culmination of many years of research, writing and rewriting, interspersed with the search for a publisher, which I was fortunate to find. I am grateful to my publisher for this opportunity and I will be assisting with the marketing and promotion. It being the holiday season, this is a ‘soft’ launch, with the main publicity and marketing following in the coming weeks.

There remains much work to be done. In addition to maintaining a website presence, a series of updates and extracts are planned for social media, I will be contacting literary and magazine editors, book bloggers, television, radio and local press. I have a book signing agreed ‘in principle’ and I am evaluating a number of other relevant events. More on this at a later date.

It is positive news at present, although I am impatient to be making progress now that the book is ‘real’.

August 2015