The Invisible College Trilogy: Publication Schedule

Following discussion with my publisher, I am pleased to confirm the revised publishing schedule for The Invisible College Trilogy is as follows:

  • Book One – pre-publication copies to be available for review from May/June – released publicly in August 2015
  • Book Two – pre-publication copies to be available for review from June/July  –released publicly in September 2015
  • Book Three – pre-publication copies to be available for review from August/September – released publicly in October 2015

Books One and Two are complete; Book Three is within ten thousand words of completion of the first draft. My target is to finish by the end of March.

The most interesting challenge at this stage is to ensure that threads from all three books that require resolution are properly resolved. Not everything needs to be; books, like life, are not like that. Another challenge is to ensure consistency of character and plot. The trilogy has been in preparation for several years, during which period my thoughts and attitudes towards my characters has developed. Now that I have reduced my commitment to the ‘day job’, it is easier to spend full days inside their heads and to live the book as they do.

I am fortunate to have a daughter with a degree in linguistics to proof read the copy. She has kindly endured reading the first two books and is still willing to review the third. I am doubly fortunate that she has her own successful food blog and marketing company and will assist with the marketing plan.

Another outstanding task is to obtain permission to quote a lengthy extract from another author’s work as part of a dream sequence that opens Book Three. A major success has been to obtain permission from a well-known academic to quote her translation of a poem that is central to the one of the major themes.

My publisher is taking a personal interest in the work. She is very knowledgeable and well focussed. I am confident that, with her support, we have an ideal opportunity for success.

It feels both strange and uplifting that, by the end of this year, I will have three books in print after such a long period of development.

More news soon.