Back to Bali: Pura Geger Temple at Nusa Dua

Bali 2014-07-34
This cliff top temple, Pura Geger, at Nusa Dua is a short walk from the Balé hotel, where we were staying. The beach on which I am standing is in front of another hotel, one of the largest in Bali yet, when I walked up to the temple, mid-morning, the only person I saw was the temple caretaker, who was happy to be photographed.
Bali 2014-07-33
The temple is built from an austere grey stone. the bright sunlight emphasises the relief of the carvings in various shades of grey.
Bali 2014-07-10
Two guardian statues invite the visitor to the inner areas…
Bali 2014-07-32
…where, as with many Balinese temples, bright silk umbrellas offset the dark stone, in contrast to the bright sky,
Bali 2014-07-7
and the mere roofs, which are thatched with alang-alang or tiled with wooden shingles.
Bali 2014-07-3
Gilt decoration above the doorways adds to the effect.
Bali 2014-07-35
The temple location contrasts with the adjacent hotel, which in turn is neighboured by a poor community, emphasising the contrasts and inequality of Balinese life.
Bali 2014-07-31
I wonder for how much longer they will be allowed to graze their cattle in the scrub between the hotel and the temple.
Bali 2014-07-30
On my way up to the temple, staff from the hotel were refreshing the faded and weatherbeaten decoration on a shrine. Clearly a labour of love and respect.
Bali 2014-07-29
When I returned later, it was completely refurbished. They must have been proud of their morning’s work.
Bali 2014-07-36