Ethical Loans Transform Lives in the Developing World

Joining Lend With Care three years ago was one of the best decisions I have made.

During this time, my loan has been recycled four and a half times to a total of twenty-five entrepreneurs in six countries. Together with loans from other lenders, it has assisted people who would otherwise have no access to finance on the journey to work their way out of poverty. The individual loans have enabled entrepreneurs to buy raw materials, stock, tools and other essentials to start or develop their business and take control of their lives, in such diverse areas as farming, food production, general stores, market stalls, carpentry, vehicle repairs and sewing and tailoring.

The wonderful thing is that this has cost me absolutely nothing. With UK interest rates on savings at an all time low, it is a no-brainer to make better use of the money by helping people who want to improve their lives through their own efforts and with dignity.

Lend With Care makes interest-free loans to carefully screened microfinance partners that charge ‘reasonable and fair’ interest rates (or charges) to ensure that loans used are for ethical purposes and offer transparency. Loans are repaid in monthly instalments and, once they are repaid, you have the option of reinvesting with a loan to a new entrepreneur or withdrawing the funds. If you can afford to lend a minimum of £15, you will be making a real difference.

Lend With Care is supported by, amongst others, news presenter Alastair Stewart and Deborah Meaden of Dragon’s Den. The Co-operative was a founder launch partner.

Click here to take a look at the videos on the Lend With Care website, to learn more of their work and the benefits to entrepreneurs. You will see why, this Christmas, I have decided to double the amount of my modest loan to a worthwhile organisation.