Ganesha Statues in Seminyak, Bali

Ganesha, together with Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga, comprise the five prime Hindu deities. Ganesha is easily recognisable with his elephant’s head on a human body and large belly. He wears a sacred thread, or belt, in the form of a serpent. in his right hand he holds his broken tusk and in his left he may hold fruit or other objects, though there are many variations on this image, including the number of arms. He is often shown riding or being accompanied by a mouse or rat.

Ganesha is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles, He is considered to be the Lord of letters and learning and is the patron god of travelling.

In Bali, statues of Ganesha are found at the entrance to many homes, inside the entrance arch and in front of the aling aling, a wall placed to keep out the spirits known as Hyang which are said to only be able move in straight lines.

This example of Ganesha, like so many, has been decorated with offerings.

Bali Ganesha-3

As has this one, in the grounds of the Villa Jerami, Seminyak.

Bali Ganesha-2

Here is a domestic example, dressed in bright silks…

Bali Ganesha-4

…though he is guarded by a more sinister-looking figure.

Bali Ganesha-5

In contrast to this home, complete with caged chickens, where tigers protect the longer walk towards Ganesha’s position in the wall.

Bali Ganesha-6

I found all of these examples within a ten minute walk of where we were staying.