The Invisible College Trilogy: Publisher Contract Signed

This week I received the signed copy of my publisher contract. I was delighted that the accompanying message included the comment:

‘Your trilogy is likely to be our most exciting project for 2014.’

Volumes I and II are complete and have been delivered. I hope both will be published during 2014. A major life event!

The essential task is now to focus on planning Volume III. I have to decide which of two routes to follow and am looking forward to discussing the alternatives with my editor. There are many issues to resolve (or leave open). I am very much looking forward to the challenge.

Surprisingly, I found it very easy to write when in Vanuatu in July. The warm climate, beautiful light and lovely location provided a relaxed atmosphere. Being away from day to day distractions, I was able to concentrate fully on resolving the outstanding plotting issues and to write another 12,000 words.

Perhaps another trip is called for in the New Year.