Temple Building Details, Seminyak, Bali

It is a special pleasure, when staying in Seminyak, to go out early and walk around the back streets to see everyday life, just minutes away from ┬áthe designer shops, restaurants and bars on the main roads. All of the photographs displayed here are from the numerous temples, in daily use by local people, within a half hour’s walk of where we were staying.

There is so much detail to enjoy, whether the carving, the colouring or the images depicted.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-2

Nature is embraced wholeheartedly.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-4

The grey of the stonework is offset by gilt ornamentation.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-5

A calm haven in the centre of town. No doubt this resident earns his keep.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-6

Unfortunately, there are few books to enlighten the curious traveller of the symbols encountered in these rich surroundings.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-7

I would love to know the origins of the design of the ornamentation on top of this tower.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-8

The copper ladder looks as though it was designed to fit its surroundings.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG-9

The stonework is complemented by the ubiquitous red ochre walls and the moss in shaded areas.Although these are religious buildings, casual visitors are welcomed and questions are willingly answered.

Seminyak Temples Detail JPG

All of the buildings shown are just a short walk from the main streets of Seminyak, yet I did not see a single tourist on any of my daily walks, between 8 and 9am. Not to be missed.