Summit Gardens, Port Vila, Vanuatu: ‘The Largest Tropical Gardens in the South Pacific’

The Summit Gardens, just fifteen minutes outside Port Vila, Vanuatu, must be amongst the most colourful in the world. Not just for the variety of the tropical plants, but also the eclectic and disparate collection of artefacts on display. What creative mind thought of putting these objects together?

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Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-2

The colours not only complement the vegetation, they add wit to the attraction, as with this  giant teapot, which sits harmoniously with the adjacent leaves.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-3

And here is a calm and spiritually-inspiring corner:

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-4

There are eleven named gardens, spread over 6 hectares, each linked by meandering pathways, to create a series of surprises.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-10

There are thousands of varieties of plants, from all over the world, including water plants, succulents, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, palms and cycads, vines, creepers, nut and fruit trees and numerous others, providing colourful views at every turn, with the backdrop of the ocean. Here, Hideaway Island can be seen between the palms.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-7

The gardens are 200m above sea level, with glorious views over Mele Bay to distant Port Vila.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-6

It is interesting to see so many plants, which are used as indoor plants in cooler climates, growing naturally outdoors.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-11

The gardens also provide a tranquil environment for the local wildlife to build their homes. This spider’s web is interestingly complex, with a cocoon and an expansive mesh.
Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-12
This must be one of the most attractive garden locations in the southern hemisphere. As well as the exotic plants, spices and herbs are grown and distilled into soaps, oils and other products.

Vanuatu, Port Vila, Summit Gardens-9