The Mansion, Ubud, Bali

The Mansion Ubud Bali

The Mansion is a luxury hotel and spa, set in lush grounds in the artistic town of Ubud. Oddly, for a leisure resort, The Mansion also has a cosmetic dentist; one way or another you can be sure to leave with a bright smile. The purpose of this post is not to advertise the undoubted the resort or its facilities, but to comment with photographs on the picturesque setting and the eclectic contents of the public areas. There is so much to photograph that it has been difficult to keep this post quite short.

I did not stay there, though I was introduced and escorted by my partner and her friend who had spent a week there last year on a fast. Why one would go to a luxury hotel to starve is not for me to question. On entering the drive, you approach the entrance, flanked by traditional stone statues with the ubiquitous Balinese silk umbrellas and other bright artefacts, as seen in the featured image above. I find these umbrellas so attractive, particularly in sunlight, that I cannot resist photographing them. They now represent a photographic fetish to replace the French Roman-tiled rooftops which I filled albums of prints, in pre-digital days. Here are two more, taken from the front of the main building.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-3

But it is inside the main reception area that many more charms are to be found. Just look at the collection of objects to be found here, looking as though they have just been unloaded from a lorry and have yet to be place in the designated spot. Not only a wide variety of objects, but such bright colours, which somehow work against the white walls and marble floor.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-4

An impressive staircase allows you to sweep gracefully to the upper floor, whilst admiring yourself, your companion and surroundings in the enormous mirror.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-5

A walk around the landing provides another perspective on the colourful contents below.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-6
Perhaps my favourite shot is of these two guardians, who will protect you as you enter the cool interior. The more you look at them, you more you believe they will come to life when no-one is around to see.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-7

On to the garden, full of statues and still more umbrellas.

The Mansion Ubud Bali-2

Some statues are adorned or garlanded with orange flowers which, I believe, are a form of native marigold. There are just so many delights at every turn. I suspect there are more statues than guests. I wonder if…