Maasai Mara – Wildlife

Here are just a few photographs of the wildlife to be seen in the Maasai Mara. All were taken in the space of a two-hour drive and a ninety-minute walk, accompanied by our friendly and knowledgeable Maasai guides.  In just three days we saw all of the ‘big five’.

There is such a variety and abundance, whether mammals:Mammals, Kenya (4 of 4) Mammals, Kenya (3 of 4) Mammals, Kenya (2 of 4) Mammals, Kenya (1 of 4)

or birds, such as these lilac-breasted rollers, guinea fowl,  and beautiful weaver birds who chatter noisily in large groups as they build their nests.

Lilac Breasted Roller (1 of 1)Weaver BirdGuinea Fowl


Sadly, there is a need for vigilance against poachers. This elephant skull was the result of their deeds, found only a few minutes walk from our tent, a couple of months ago.Poachers' Victim (1 of 1)